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Location The unique location of Business Park Varna at the entrance of the city provides an easy access from Hemus highway and allows you to get to Varna International Airport within 5-7 minutes.

Transport Travelling from and to Business Park Varna is easy and convenient both by public transportation and by car. Public bus lines 15, 18, 18А, 40, 118А, 7 connect Business Park Varna with key places in Varna such as the central part of city, the railway station, Pochivka Bus Stop and Orbita Youth Center. Additionally, Business Park and Transtriumph Company have worked out a bus line No 7 whose last bus stop is inside the Business Park area.

Parking places Business Park Varna has been designed to fully meet the parking needs of its clients and visitors by offering them both underground and open-air parking places with 24-hour monitoring.

High-tech technologies Business Park Varna ensures high-speed technologies and high level of security to its tenants – optic connections, high-speed Internet, IP telephony, satellite communications.

Air-conditioning The air-conditioning systems in Business Park Varna are based on the most recent developments in HVAC systems characterized by an extremely high level of efficiency and low-cost operation. The air-conditioning systems provide air heating, cooling, ventilation and humidification in the buildings and can maintain different indices in the different rooms, providing individual registration of consumption.

Safety and security The security of Business Park Varna has been ensured by intelligent and reliable solutions – a 24-hour electronic access control, fire alarm and continuous monitoring of the common areas in the whole Business Park Varna.

Flexible office design Our tenants have the total freedom to arrange the layout of the offices according to their needs – the open office spaces in Business Park Varna allow a variety of options when deciding on the size, shape and layout of the premises. This guarantees freedom and possibility to meet the requirements of even the most demanding clients.

Maintenance In order to make sure that the high quality of the Business Park Varna working environment and surroundings will be preserved over the next decades, we have entrusted its maintenance to a professional property management company. It has the responsibility to make sure that Business Park Varna remains a beautiful and tidy place where it is a pleasure to work and rest.

Range of services Business Park Varna tenants, their employees and guests are offered wide range of services - food establishments, cafes, bars, banks and insurance offices. In the course of its development, Business Park Varna will further expand the scope of provided services, such as kinder garden designed to meet both the needs of the tenants and Varna citizens.

Double energy sources In order to provide a complete range of services, Business Park Varna provides to its clients total independence and safety in terms of power supply by equipping the buildings with an electric wiring with double power supply.

Prestige Both the Business Park environment and the well known companies-tenants create a prestige image. That image adds value for each company which decides to join the Business Park Varna family and commands respect.

Conference Hall The Atrium Conference Hall is suitable for all kinds of seminars, trainings and presentations if arranged in classroom disposition and is equipped with modern:
• Multimedia
• Air-conditioning installation
• High quality illumination
• 90 sitting places